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Saunders IslandBlack-browed Albatross ColonyBlack-browed Albatross over Rockhopper ColonyBlack-browed Albatross restingBlack-browed Albatross pair preeningBlack-browned Albatross pair with hatching eggBlack-browed albatross with newly hatched chickBlack-browed Albatross with chickBlack-browed Albatross with chickBlack-browed AlbatrossBlack-crowned Night Heron fishingBlack-crowned Night Heron JuvenileBlack-throated Finch, FemaleBlackish Oystercatcher with chicksCarcass IslandChloe WidgeonCobb's Wren adultAerial View, East FalklandCobb's Wren juvenileDolphin Gull